Assault a Police Officer; Resist Arrest; Utter Death Threat; Mischief; Causing a Disturbance


Conditional Discharge; No Criminal Record

Case Details

One night, two Ottawa police officers were ‘conducting a routine bar check’ at the BareFax Strip Club in Ottawa (!), when bouncers approached the officer telling them that a patron had been causing a disturbance in the club.

The client in this matter did not wish to be expelled by the officers and a contfrontation took place. The accused was eventually arrested for public intoxication. As he was being arrested, he kicked and punched the officers, called them obscene names. While being driven to the police station, he kicked the window out of the door of the police cruiser.

When this client came to see David Anber, his major concern was that he held an important government job and did not want to get a criminal record for something that he did due to getting too drunk one time.

Mr. Anber fought hard in Court to avoid his client getting a record; he ultimately persuaded the judge to agree.

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