Weapons Dangerous


The Accused was found Guilty of "threatening to damage property"; the weapons charge was dismissed; he received an absolute discharge.

Case Details

This client of David Anber was a retired person who worked part time as an elementary school bus driver. On his bus was a particularly disobediant 11 year old girl who caused a lot of trouble on the bus.

One day, the young girl was playing her iPod very loud on the bus which was disturbing other students and the driver who thought he had heard some mechanical problems with the bus.

The accused asked the girl to turn it down so he could hear if there was indeed any problem with the bus. She refused.

The bus driver stopped the bus, picked up a crowbar and walked up to the girl and said, “If I hear that again, I will smash it”.

This client was arrested for “weapons dangerous” and fired from his job.

Once David Anber was retained, he negotiated with the Crown to work out a reasonable outcome. The Crown insisted that the accused should go to jail. Mr. Anber wanted a conditional discharge for his client. The Crown refused to join him.

At the sentencing hearing, the Crown asked for house arrest instead of jail. Mr. Anber asked for an absolute discharge.

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