Driving While Disqualified/Prohibited


Disobey Court Order, No Jail, No loss of driver's licence

Case Details

After being found guilty of an impaired driving case, this client was caught driving while his licence was prohibited.

He came to visit David Anber to try and help him stay out of jail and to help him keep his licence.

Normally this offence results in a month or more of jail. After some discussions with the prosecutor, Mr. Anber convicned the prosecutor to agree to a conditional sentence which would allow him to serve his sentence at home (house arrest).

This would have still resulted in an additional year of a driver’s licence prohibition which would have cost Cory his job.

Mr. Anber took the matter to trial however days before the trial, resumed negotiations with the Crown who agreed to allow him to plead guilty to “Disobey Court Order” which resulted in probation and no loss of a driver’s licence.

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