Criminal Negligence casing bodily harm & Dangerous Driving


Charges Withdrawn

Case Details

Mr. D came to see David Anber while he was represented by another law firm of very competent lawyers. At the time, Mr. D was facing serious charges as a result of an incident at a gas station. Mr. D’s vehicle had accelerated rapidly from a speed of 1km/h and drove into the side of a truck which was being filled with gas. That truck smashed into its owner pinning him to the gas pumps. The truck owner suffered serious injuries.

Although the Crown’s detective reviewed the ‘black box’ data and concluded it must have been momentary driver error, the Crown wished to proceed full steam ahead against Mr. D.

Mr. D had no criminal record and was facing the prospect of going to jail.

Mr. Anber took this case on and, after some fruitless negotiations, he scheduled a pre-trial meeting. At the pre-trial meeting Mr. Anber outlined that if forced to go to trial, Mr. D would seek costs against the Crown. This was a case, Mr. Anber argued, where the Crown had no reasonable prospect of conviction.

At first, the Crown disagreed, however when Mr. Anber attempted to set a trial, the Crown asked for a number of postponements.

Ultimately, after reviewing the case more carefully, the Crown finally agreed to drop the charges.

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