Dangerous Driving causing bodily harm


Section 810 Peace Bond

Case Details

This client, a high school student was seen fooling around and playing games with other students in the parking lot at lunch. She then got into her car to leave with a friend. As she drove out of the parking lot another friend walked in front of her car. Some witnesses said he got on the hood and rode on top for a bit. Other witnesses said he didnt.

What happened next was J.R. drove very slowly into his leg to get him to move, but he didn’t get out of the way.

The accused then went to put the brakes on to allow her friend to get out of the way.

As she pressed the brake, her foot slid off the brake and her ankle pushed the gas pedal.

The car lunged forward and the friend was dragged under the car. The car came to a stop on the chest of the trapped student.

Police and fire officials attended and rescued the victim.

David Anber took this case on and negotiated with the Crown in order to have the charges dealt with by way of a section 810 “peace bond”.

This means no criminal conviction, no admission of guilt and nothing on the young woman’s driving record.

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