Dangerous Driving, Flight from Police, Stunt Driving


No Jail

Case Details

This client was driving down the highway when a police officer captured his vehicle on radar speeding. She turned on her emergency lights.

Instead of stopping, the accused accelerated and tried to evade the officer. The officer made chase with lights and sirens activated however the accused did not stop reaching speeds of well over 190km/h.

The vehicle exited the highway and the police vehicle followed onto a rural road. The accused then U-Turned and came back in the officer’s direction nearly striking the police cruiser.

The chase was eventually called off and the accused got away. He was eventually located and admitted his involvement in this incident.

Normally these kinds of cases result in a significant period of jail however after extensive negotiations, Mr. Anber worked out a deal whereby the client plead guilty and received a $1,000.00 fine and a 1 year driving prohibition (the minimum).

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