Impaired Driving & Over the Legal Limit


Both charges dismissed after trial

Case Details

In this 2014 case, Mr. M. found himself in a similar situation to countless other people.

He was pulled over by police. The police smelled booze. The police made him blow in a roadside breathalyser. Mr. M. failed the test and was hauled into the police station.

Once at the police station, Mr. M blew over the legal limit.

Many people would plead guilty in these circumstances however Mr. Anber found a number of things that the police did to be contrary to Mr. M’s constitutional rights.

On the subject of “rights to counsel” the judge released a lengthy decision.

The breath samples were ultimately thrown out as was the “impaired driving” count. Mr. M did not get a criminal record, or any restriction to his driving. He was found not guilty of everything.

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