Impaired Driving; Driving Over the Legal Limit, .104 BAC


Careless Driving, $400 fine, the Client kept his licence without any restrictions

Case Details

This client lost control of his vehicle and spun out of control striking another vehicle. Once police officers were at the scene, they smelled alcohol on his breath.

He was later transported to the station and blew into a breathalyser and blew over the legal limit.

At trial, Tim’s lawyer David Anber questioned the other driver involved in the accident. First, he got the witness to agree that the time of the accident was more than 2 hours before the breath samples were taken. Second, he got the witness to agree there were no signs of impairment from his client.

After this witness was finished, the Court took a break. When it resumed, Mr. Anber informed the Court that he and the prosecution had reached a deal to discontinue the criminal trial and that the client would agree to accept a driving offence as a result of the accident.

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