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Focused, dedicated and prepared.

David Anber’s Law Office

At David Anber’s Law Office, we like to win. As with most things in life, winning requires focus, dedication and preparation, but most importantly it usually requires the teamwork of various people combining their various skills.

The team at David Anber’s law office is dedicated to your case and are much more than just criminal lawyers. Whether you have retained David for a criminal trial or Alicia for a Traffic Court matter, the entire team will be involved in working on your case. Further, highly skilled administrative support allows the lawyers and paralegals working on your case to focus on the law and the facts while ensuring that attention to administrative detail is always present.

In most cases the team’s effort is coordinated by David Anber who has a knack to use the firm’s resources in a customized way to ensure the best results in the circumstances.

If you are a client of David Anber’s Law Office, you can meet with any member of the team by scheduling an appointment.

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