Fighting Traffic Tickets? Looking for an Ottawa Criminal Lawyer or Traffic Court Paralegal in Ottawa?

You’ve come to the right place for all your criminal law and provincial offences needs in Ottawa. Whether you’ve been charged with a traffic ticket in Ottawa, whether it’s a more serious Ottawa Highway Traffic Act offence (i.e. Suspended Licence, Stunt Driving or No Insurance) or even if you have been charged with an Ottawa Criminal Charge, David Anber can assist you for any offense.

Ottawa Criminal Case
Maybe you were driving and were stopped in a RIDE spot check in Ottawa. Maybe the Police came as a result of a domestic dispute. Maybe you did something stupid and took something which wasn’t yours and now the Ottawa OPP, or Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is calling you to investigate this theft. At some point, you may have the need for Criminal Representation in Ottawa, Ontario. If you are looking for the best defense for theft, fraud, dui, impaired driving, over 80, fail to provide breath sample, assault, domestic assault, mischief, breaches, or any other criminal charge, consider the services of an experienced legal representative like David Anber. Don’t risk getting a criminal record or spending time in jail.
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Part 3 Provincial Offences in Ottawa
Under the Provincial Offences Act, the most serious charges are under Part III. Serious provincial driving laws are charged under this part and include things like Driving in Ottawa with a Suspended License, Driving Without Insurance, Stunt Driving / Racing, serious Accident charges (fatalities or serious damage) etc. Other infractions and violations are also charged under this section such as Building Code offences in Ottawa, environment protection cases, consumer protection. Part 3 offences can involve jail, serious licence suspensions, and high fines.
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Ottawa Part 1 Provincial Offences
POA Charges in Ottawa which are not serious are laid under Part I of the Provincial Offences Act. These simple HTA traffic tickets, speeding tickets (whether given by RCMP or OPP or OPS) etc. may not be serious, but they may have serious consequences to your driver’s record (abstract). Quite often people receive tickets for speeding and careless driving and simply pay the fine, thinking that this is all there is to it. However, when you are convicted of such a Provincial Offence in Ottawa, it stays on your driving record and can impact your insurance costs. In Ottawa, there are often ways to have a charge withdrawn or reduced with the crown prosecutor, or if not, argued to a Judge or Justice of the Peace. Even if you plead guilty, you can often get leniency for having a clean record.
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