Other Criminal Charges in Ottawa, Toronto & Around Ontario

If you have been charged with any criminal offense from a simple mischief charge to more serious offences, David Anber can help you. David has considerable experience offering advocacy in various Criminal cases. Although this list is not exhaustive, David Anber has particular experience in:

  • Impaired “Over80”, fail to blow or give blood sample;
  • Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle a.k.a. Dangerous Driving ;
  • Mischief, Theft, Fraud & Other Property Crime;
  • Impersonnation, personnation with or without intent, obstruction of a police officer;
  • Assault, Uttering Threats or uttering death threats;
  • Controlled Drugs & Substances Act / Marijuana and Pot charges / Narcotics cases;
  • Breaching conditions of probation/bail/court orders etc.

If the charge is smaller, David Anber can often help you directly. If the charge is more serious, or if you prefer, David Anber can assist you in finding a lawyer to take on your case.