Regulatory Offences Previous

labourMany areas of our day to day life involve regulation from the government. The most common example is driving; a person needs a drivers licence to drive and to get and keep a licence there are hoops to jump through and rules to follow. Often times people find themselves needing a lawyer to defend them in traffic court when they do not follow the rules.

However regulatory offences extend beyond the obvious. Examples of regulatory offences where David Anber’s Law Office can help you are:

  • You own a restaurant and have been cited by the city for zoning or health violations;
  • You are a real estate agent charged with violating the Real Estate Business Brokers Act;
  • You are a contractor charged with violating the Consumer Protection Act legislation in Ontario;
  • Car dealerships, construction sites, factories, night club bouncers, employers, all of these areas have regulations concerning lawful conduct of business;
  • Lawyers, Doctors, other professionals charged with violating their ethical codes.