Harper L.’s Case

Sexual Assault Cases


Sexual Assault (x2) and Forcible Confinement


Not Guilty

Case Details

Harper L. met a girl on the dating website “Plenty of Fish”. She agreed to meet with him. They went to his house (incident #1) where they had consensual sex. The accuser in this situation claimed that although she consented it started to hurt and he did not stop so she didn’t enjoy the experience. She did not want to see Harper L. again.

She blocked him from her “Plenty of Fish” account.

One day, she changed her mind and contacted Harper L. again. Again they met up at his house (incident #2). Although Harper L. tried to get cozy with her she kept rebuffing him. Eventually she got up in a hurry and stormed towards the door. Harper L. asked her what was wrong. She claimed he restrained her from leaving.

At trial, the Judge listened carefully to the evidence which included DNA evidence and the evidence of a sexual assault nurse. In particular the judge listened to how the accuser’s story changed when David Anber cross examined her on the witness stand.

In the end, the Judge rejected the accusations and found Harper L. not guilty.