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Circumstantial Evidence – What Does This Mean?

When I began law school, I was aware that something called “circumstantial evidence” existed. If asked to describe it, I wasn’t able to. This was never taught in any of my classes throughout my studies, and yet I kept coming across the term. So, one day, mid-way...

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Unreasonable Delay & the Right to a Speedy Trial

Many people think that my job involves getting people off on technicalities. Although that is sometimes true, generally speaking the Criminal Code of Canada and the Provincial Offences Act in Ontario are very stingy when it comes to so-called technicalities. More...

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Second Opinions from Criminal Lawyers – What are They?

People often come to me to get a second opinion, and they are frequently surprised when I tell them that I am not in a position to offer more than some topical information about their case. Why is this? The expression “second opinion” seems to have its origin in the...

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