Campbell's Bay Criminal Lawyer

At David Anber’s Law Office, we understand the seriousness and urgency of being charged with a criminal offence in Campbell’s Bay. A conviction can result in severe penalties, including imprisonment, hefty fines, license suspension, and a permanent criminal record, which can significantly affect your life.

Campbell's Bay Criminal Lawyer

Therefore, it’s essential to obtain legal assistance immediately after your arrest. Our law firm offers expert defence services for a wide range of criminal allegations, including impaired driving and sexual offences. Our team of experienced lawyers will evaluate your case and strive to minimize or eliminate the charges against you.

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Charged with a criminal offence in Campbell’s Bay

The “innocent until proven guilty” principle is fundamental to the Canadian criminal justice system. However, facing criminal charges without proper legal representation can be overwhelming. To improve your chances of having the charges reduced or dismissed, it is recommended to hire an experienced defence lawyer.

Our law firm consists of highly qualified and experienced legal professionals who are committed to providing robust representation for all clients. No matter the nature of the allegations, our lawyers can guide you through the criminal justice system, protect your legal rights, and fight for your innocence in the courtroom.

What are your rights when charged with a crime?

If you are accused of a crime in Quebec, you have specific protections under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including:

  1. The right to remain silent
  2. The right to a fair trial
  3. The right to legal representation
  4. The right to know the charges
  5. The presumption of innocence
  6. The right to challenge witnesses
  7. The right to an interpreter if required
  8. The right to an open trial

These rights are commonly referred to as your “Charter Rights.”

What happens when you are arrested?

Being arrested for a criminal offence is a serious matter that requires maintaining composure and complying with the police’s directives.

Avoiding non-compliance or creating complications is essential, as it can negatively impact your case.

If you are arrested in Campbell’s Bay, the following events may occur:

  • The authorities will inform you of the reason for your arrest.
  • You will undergo a search for any weapons or evidence.
  • Your rights, including the right to remain silent and the right to legal counsel, will be explained to you.
  • You may be taken to a police station for questioning and processing.
  • You may be released with conditions, such as a court appearance at a later date, or held in custody until a bail hearing.
  • If held, you will have a bail hearing within 24 hours to determine your release status until trial.
  • If released, you may be required to comply with conditions, such as reporting to the police or following a curfew.

Court Information for Criminal Offences in Campbell’s Bay

The Campbell’s Bay Courthouse is for a wide range of legal proceedings including criminal cases that occur in Campbell’s Bay and the surrounding areas. It’s important to note that all legal matters related to criminal offences must be handled within this jurisdiction. The Campbell’s Bay Courthouse is situated at: 

30, John St.
Campbell’s Bay (Québec)
J0X 1K0

If you require legal representation or assistance for a criminal matter within this jurisdiction, it’s recommended that you seek the advice of a reputable criminal defence lawyer who is experienced in handling cases at the Campbell’s Bay Courthouse.

Why do I need a criminal lawyer?

The Canadian criminal justice process can be intricate and intimidating for those without legal expertise. To protect your rights and gain a comprehensive understanding of the proceedings, it is recommended to hire a competent criminal defence lawyer.

Your lawyer can clarify the charges against you, navigate the legal process, and provide representation in court, including cross-examining witnesses and presenting evidence in support of your case.

Our criminal legal services

Our law firm provides legal representation for various criminal cases in Campbell’s Bay, including:

  • Impaired driving – In Quebec, alcohol-related driving offences are the most frequently occurring offences in court. “Alcohol driving offences” encompass a variety of charges, including Over 80, Impaired Driving, Fail to Provide a Breath Sample, DUI, Care and Control, and Breathalyzer Refusal cases.
  • Violent crimes – According to Canadian law and sentencing guidelines, prosecutors and judges must impose severe penalties when convicting violent offenders. Typically, in cases of violent crime, a conviction will result in a jail sentence.
  • Sexual offences – Being accused of a sex crime can have long-lasting impacts on nearly every aspect of your life. Even facing charges for a sex crime can result in financial hardship, social challenges, and ongoing stress.
  • Drug charges – Drug crimes are a significant offence, and the penalties for such charges vary depending on the type of drug, the quantity involved, and your criminal history. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may face multiple charges.
  • Driving offences – Driving without insurance and driving with a suspended license are among the most severe charges one can receive in Quebec.

Regardless of the crime you’re charged with, our lawyers are equipped to provide a solid defence, be it for DUI, assault, or drug possession.

Campbell’s Bay criminal defence lawyers protect your rights

At the Law Office of David Anber, we specialize in providing legal representation for a wide range of criminal charges, including assault, DUI, sexual offences, drug-related charges, and others. If you are arrested, it is essential to remain calm and comply with the instructions of the police.

To protect your rights and obtain a favourable outcome, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a competent defence lawyer immediately. You can contact our law firm through our toll-free number at 1-888-989-3946 or our online form submission to schedule an initial consultation. Our dedicated team of defence lawyers is committed to protecting your liberties and advocating for your best interests.