Saint-Jérôme Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Saint-Jérôme, it is crucial to seek legal assistance immediately. A conviction could lead to severe consequences such as imprisonment, fines, loss of driving privileges, a criminal record, and other detrimental effects on your life.

Saint-Jérôme Criminal Lawyer

At David Anber’s Law Office, we offer exceptional defence representation for individuals facing criminal charges, including DUI and sexual assault. It is essential to contact a legal professional right after an arrest. Our team of lawyers will assess your case and strive to reduce or dismiss the charges against you.

To schedule a free initial consultation, contact us online or call 1-888-989-3946. Don’t delay in securing the legal help you need to protect your rights and future.

Charged with a criminal offence in Saint-Jérôme

It is crucial to remember that the Canadian criminal justice system operates on the principle of “innocent until proven guilty.” However, handling a criminal case without a skilled legal representative can be daunting.

To improve your chances of obtaining a favourable outcome, it is advisable to engage the services of a competent criminal defence lawyer.

At our esteemed law firm, we firmly believe in the right of every individual to a robust defence. Irrespective of the nature of your charges, our team of adept lawyers can guide you through the intricate criminal justice process, safeguard your legal rights, and persuasively argue your case in court.

What are your rights when charged with a crime?

It is crucial to comprehend your legal rights when facing criminal charges in Quebec. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides protection for these rights, which include:

  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to a fair trial
  • The right to legal counsel
  • The right to be informed of the charges against you
  • The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty
  • The right to cross-examine witnesses
  • The right to an interpreter if needed
  • The right to a public trial.

These essential rights are referred to as your “Charter Rights.”

What happens when you are arrested?

Being arrested for a crime is a serious situation that requires careful handling. It’s crucial to stay calm and follow the police’s instructions to avoid any escalation that could potentially harm your case.

If you find yourself under arrest in Saint-Jérôme, here’s what you can expect:

  • The police will inform you of the reason for your arrest.
  • You’ll be searched for weapons or evidence.
  • You’ll be informed of your legal rights, including the right to remain silent and the right to legal counsel.
  • You may be taken to a police station for questioning and processing.
  • Depending on the circumstances, you may be released with certain conditions or held in custody until a bail hearing.
  • If you’re held, you’ll have a bail hearing within 24 hours to determine your release status until trial.
  • If you’re released, you may be required to comply with certain conditions, such as reporting to the police or adhering to a curfew.

Court Information for Criminal Offences in Saint-Jérôme

The Saint-Jérôme Courthouse is the designated location for a wide range of legal proceedings including criminal cases taking place in Saint-Jérôme and nearby areas. 

It’s essential to recognize that any legal issues related to criminal offences must be resolved within this jurisdiction. The physical location of the Saint-Jérôme Courthouse is:

25, de Martigny West St.
Saint-Jérôme (Québec)
J7Y 4Z1

If you require legal representation or assistance for a criminal matter within this jurisdiction, it’s recommended that you seek the advice of a reputable criminal defence lawyer who is experienced in handling cases at the Saint-Jérôme Courthouse.

Why do I need a criminal lawyer?

Navigating the Canadian criminal justice system can be challenging for those without legal expertise. Without proper guidance, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the complexity of the system and its procedures.

A skilled criminal defence lawyer can provide clarity on the charges against you and guide you through the legal proceedings while safeguarding your legal rights. Your lawyer can accompany you to court appearances and represent you during the trial by cross-examining witnesses and presenting evidence in support of your innocence.

Our criminal legal services

We provide legal representation for a wide range of criminal cases in Saint-Jérôme, including:

  • Impaired driving – Alcohol-related driving offences are a common occurrence in Quebec courtrooms. Such offences include a range of charges, such as Over 80, Impaired Driving, Fail to Provide a Breath Sample, DUI, Care and Control, and Breathalyzer Refusal cases.
  • Violent crimes – Our legal team is committed to providing robust defence representation for those facing serious criminal charges such as assault. Convictions for violent crimes can lead to severe legal repercussions. 
  • Sexual offences – Accusations of sexual crimes can have serious consequences, especially if they are false. Being accused of a sexual offence can have a negative impact on your life, including your reputation and emotional well-being. 
  • Drug charges – Drug charges, such as possession, production, or trafficking, can have serious legal ramifications.
  • Driving offences – Reckless driving and other serious driving violations can have significant consequences, both personally and professionally.

No matter the charges, our team is prepared to defend your case, whether it’s for assault, DUI, or drug possession.

Saint-Jérôme criminal defence lawyers protect your rights

The Law Office of David Anber specializes in defending individuals facing various criminal charges, including assault, impaired driving, sexual offences, and drug possession. If you are arrested, it is important to remain calm and comply with law enforcement. 

Contacting a legal representative promptly is recommended, and you can do so by calling 1-888-989-3946 or using our online platform to book a free initial consultation. Our experienced defence lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights and working towards achieving a positive outcome for your case.