Pembroke Criminal Lawyer

If you’re charged with a crime in Pembroke, it’s important to seek legal help promptly. Possible consequences of a conviction include imprisonment, monetary fines, suspension of driving privileges, a criminal record, and other damaging impacts on your life.

Pembroke Criminal Lawyer

David Anber’s Law Office offers expert defence representation for individuals facing criminal allegations such as DUI and sexual assault. Contact a legal professional immediately upon arrest. Our lawyers will evaluate your situation and work towards mitigating or dismissing the charges against you. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling 1-888-989-3946 or reaching out to us online.

Charged with a criminal offence in Pembroke

Remember, you’re innocent until proven guilty. However, dealing with a criminal case without proper legal representation can be difficult. To improve your chances of having the charges reduced or dismissed, it’s best to work with an experienced defence lawyer.

Our highly qualified legal team believes everyone deserves a solid defence. Regardless of the charges, our lawyers can help you navigate the criminal justice system, safeguard your rights, and defend your innocence in court.

What are your rights when charged with a crime?

If you’re facing criminal charges in Ontario, you have the following rights, which are safeguarded by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

  1. Right to remain silent
  2. Right to a fair trial
  3. Right to legal counsel
  4. Right to be informed of the charges
  5. Right to be considered innocent until proven guilty
  6. Right to cross-examine witnesses
  7. Right to an interpreter if required
  8. Right to a public trial.

These rights are commonly referred to as your “Charter Rights.”

What happens when you are arrested?

Being arrested for a crime is a serious matter. It’s important to remain calm and comply with the police’s instructions. Avoid resisting or creating any issues, as this can harm your case.

If you’re arrested in Pembroke, here’s what may occur:

  1. The police will inform you of the reason for your arrest.
  2. You’ll be searched for weapons or evidence.
  3. You’ll be informed of your rights, including the right to remain silent and the right to legal counsel.
  4. You may be taken to a police station for questioning and processing.
  5. You may be released with conditions, such as a court appearance at a later date, or held in custody until a bail hearing.
  6. If held, you’ll have a bail hearing within 24 hours to determine your release status until trial.
  7. If released, you may be required to comply with conditions, such as reporting to the police or following a curfew.

To ensure that your rights are protected and to secure a fair outcome, it’s advisable to retain the services of a competent defence lawyer.

Court Information for Criminal Offences in Pembroke

The Pembroke Courthouse is for criminal proceedings that occur in Pembroke and the surrounding areas. It’s important to note that all legal matters related to criminal offences must be handled within this jurisdiction. The Pembroke Courthouse is situated at:

297 Pembroke St E
Pembroke, ON
K8A 3K2

The Pembroke Provincial Courthouse is for a wide range of legal proceedings within its jurisdiction. It is located at:

7 International Drive,
Pembroke, ON
K8A 6W5

The Pembroke satellite court is a location that offers limited court services in partnership with a main court office. If you require court services at a satellite court, it’s important to contact the office directly to confirm their hours of operation. There are 2 Pembroke satellite courthouses:

Renfrew satellite courthouse is located at:

315 Raglan St. S.
Renfrew, ON
K7V 1R6

Killaloe satellite courthouse is located at:

47 Mill St.
Killaloe, ON
K0J 2A0

If you require legal representation or assistance for a criminal matter within this jurisdiction, it’s recommended that you seek the advice of a reputable criminal defence lawyer who is experienced in handling cases at the Brockville Courthouse.

Why do I need a criminal lawyer?

The Canadian criminal justice system is intricate and confusing. Without a legal background, navigating the system and its procedures can be daunting and perplexing.

A lawyer can clarify the charges and escort you through the legal proceedings, safeguarding your rights throughout. Your lawyer can accompany you to court dates and represent you during the trial, cross-examining witnesses and presenting evidence to support your innocence.

Our criminal legal services

We provide legal representation for a wide range of criminal cases in Pembroke, including:

  • Impaired driving – Legal penalties for driving under the influence can be severe, including license revocation or imprisonment. Our lawyers are experts in defending those charged with breath test refusals, driving over the limit, and other impaired driving offences.
  • Violent crimes – Criminal offences related to violence, such as assault, carry stringent penalties. Our lawyers are tireless in defending your rights and freedom.
  • Sexual offences – False allegations of sexual crimes can have catastrophic consequences. Our lawyers are committed to establishing your innocence.
  • Drug charges – The consequences of drug charges, such as possession, production, or trafficking, can be stringent. Our lawyers work with prosecutors to reduce or drop charges.
  • Driving offences – Certain driving violations, such as reckless driving, can impact your personal and professional life. Our traffic lawyers fiercely defend your rights.

No matter the charges, our team is prepared to defend your case, whether it’s for assault, DUI, or drug possession.

Pembroke criminal defence lawyers protect your rights

At the Law Office of David Anber, we specialize in defending individuals facing various criminal charges, such as assault, impaired driving, sexual offences, drug possession, and others. Upon arrest, it is crucial to stay calm and comply with law enforcement.

It is recommended to promptly request legal counsel and contact our law firm at 1-888-989-3946 or via our online platform for a free initial consultation. Our experienced defence lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom.