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As Ottawa criminal lawyers, we practice regularly in Montreal, Toronto and all across Quebec and Ontario. If you are looking for a criminal defence lawyer in Ottawa, or anywhere in Ontario or Quebec criminal lawyers at our firm can assist you in every level of Court.


Types of criminal legal services

One moment you’re on your way to work, home, university, or a friend’s house. In the next moment — you’re being read your rights and escorted to a police cruiser. It’s normal to feel anxious, intimidated or even fearful during times like this. Our lawyers recognize the gravity of your situation and are ready to work tirelessly to protect your future.

Our legal team has extensive experience handling all criminal defence matters in Canada, including:

Understanding that the charges against you may be severe, we waste no time in helping you mount a strategic defence. Our lawyers employ the latest technology to conduct the necessary research and due diligence to help clear your name. Further, everyone at our firm is focused on providing you with personalized guidance during every stage of your case. Whether you are arrested for burglary, assault, or a drug crime, our knowledgeable lawyers are ready to fight zealously for your reputation and rights.

DUI Offences

An arrest for drunk driving in Canada is no joke. Alcohol inhibits a person’s ability to think and act rationally, and, when combined with driving, often causes catastrophic auto accidents.

Ottawa Criminal Lawyer

An Appeal is something people do when they lose a case. In order to have a right to appeal, there must be a law that says you have a right to appeal.

Bail Hearings

Judicial interim release hearings, also known as “bail hearings” or show-cause hearings are hearings where a person detained pending a determination of their case, is given an opportunity to be released.

Ottawa Criminal Lawyer

It is difficult because you will quickly find out that the weight of the government is upon you including a police force, a Crown Attorney’s office and numerous conditions to meet, dates to attend, and things to do imposed by the Court.

Driving Offences

Seek a free consultation with David Anber on dangerous driving, careless driving & other serious driving offences.

Ottawa Criminal Lawyer

Canada takes drug crimes seriously. Most drug charges carry a minimum sentence and, if you are convicted, you could face jail time. Further, drug crimes carry a stigma. As a result of a conviction, you may have trouble finding future employment or pursuing other educational or professional opportunities.

Justice System Crimes

People often come into our office saying “oh it’s nothing, this is my first offence, why do I need to pay for a lawyer?” Many people do not realize that offences against the justice system are treated very seriously, even for first time offenders.

Property Offences

Every human being is, at one point or another in his or her life, tempted to do something dishonest. Generally honest people have been known to give in to the temptation. This can often result in charges being laid for theft, fraud, mischief, or other property crimes.

Provincial Offences

A Provincial Offence is a “decriminalized” or non-criminalized offence. If proven, it is considered “breaking the law” but it does not result in a criminal record, per se.

Regulatory Offences

Many areas of our day to day life involve regulation from the government. The most common example is driving; a person needs a drivers licence to drive and to get and keep a licence there are hoops to jump through and rules to follow.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are penalized swiftly and harshly by the Canadian criminal justice system. If you are accused of assault, domestic violence, or even murder — you will not receive lenient sentencing.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are the most heinous offences in Canada. If you are accused of a sex crime in Ottawa, your reputation and freedom are on the line and you need to act quickly to protect your future.

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Why do you need a criminal lawyer?

A first-time arrest can be an overwhelming and difficult experience. And any attempt to handle things by yourself will likely cause more stress and further complications.

The criminal justice system is extremely complicated and can be daunting for the uninitiated. Further, every case is different and has its own challenges within Canada’s criminal justice system. Legally, you have the right to defend yourself against a criminal charge. However, doing so is ill-advised and may result in an unfavorable outcome — even lawyers hire other lawyers to represent them in criminal proceedings.

At David Anber’s Law Office, our lawyers are well-versed in all areas of Canadian criminal law. We have a deep understanding of how the prosecution operates and how the local justice system works in Ottawa.

Even if the charges against you are minor and require no jail time, if convicted you will have a criminal record. Rest assured, we understand that a criminal record can adversely affect your life in many ways, and we are dedicated to helping dismiss or reduce the charges you face.

What happens after I am arrested?

In Canada, police can arrest you without a warrant if you have committed – or if police believe you will commit – a serious crime. If you are arrested for a criminal offence in Canada, do not fight back. Cooperate with law enforcement and obey their instructions. Once you are arrested, you will be “processed” by police. For less serious charges, you will be released but will be required to return to court at a later date.

If you are charged with a more serious crime, a police officer will take you into custody for a bail hearing. You will also be fingerprinted and photographed during this time.

After providing police with basic information about yourself, you will then be escorted to a holding cell. At this time, by law, you must be granted the right to make a phone call and to speak with your criminal defence lawyer.

Within 48 hours of being taken into custody, a court hearing will be scheduled. You will be able to meet with your defence lawyer before the hearing.

What happens if I go to trial?

If your case goes to trial, our criminal defence lawyers can work diligently to help you build a solid defence that protects your freedom, future, and reputation.

One of our experienced defence lawyers can appear beside you on your designated court date(s). During your trial, a judge (or jury) will determine your innocence or guilt based on the evidence presented by your legal team and the evidence put forth by the Crown.

At David Anber’s Law Office, we leave no stone unturned when comes to gathering evidence to prove your innocence. We analyze every shred of information, witness statement, police report, and all material evidence. Further, we carefully review your Charter rights to ensure they are not violated at any time by law enforcement or members of the court. We may push for a case dismissal if we determine that the evidence against you is shaky or that your basic rights were violated.

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