Cornwall Criminal Lawyer

If you’re arrested for a crime in Cornwall, get a lawyer right away. Penalties could include jail, fines, losing your driver’s license, a criminal record, and more. A conviction can affect your job prospects and travel.

Cornwall Criminal Lawyer

At David Anber’s Law Office, our lawyers defend Cornwall residents against criminal charges like drunk driving and sexual assault. Ask to speak with your lawyer as soon as you’re arrested. We’ll review your case and work to reduce or drop the charges. Call 1-888-989-3946 for a free consultation with one of our experienced defence lawyers or contact us online.

Charged with a criminal offence in Cornwall

Keep in mind, you’re considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a doubt. But handling a criminal case without a lawyer or with a less experienced one can be stressful. To increase your chances of having the charges reduced or dropped, it’s best to hire a skilled defence lawyer.

Our top-notch legal team believes everyone deserves a strong defence. No matter the charges, our lawyers can guide you through the criminal justice process, protect your rights, and fight for your innocence in court.

What are your rights when charged with a crime?

If you’re charged with a crime in Ontario, you have these rights:

  1. Right to keep quiet
  2. Right to a fair trial
  3. Right to a lawyer
  4. Right to know the charges
  5. Right to be considered innocent until proven guilty
  6. Right to question witnesses
  7. Right to an interpreter, if needed
  8. Right to a public trial

These rights are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and are often called your “Charter Rights.”

What happens when you are arrested?

Being arrested for a crime is serious. Stay calm and follow police instructions. Don’t resist or cause trouble, it will only harm your case. Here’s what may happen if you’re arrested in Cornwall:

  1. Police will tell you why you’re being arrested.
  2. You’ll be searched for weapons or evidence.
  3. You’ll be told of your rights, including the right to stay silent and have a lawyer.
  4. You may be taken to a police station for questioning and processing.
  5. You may be released with conditions, like appearing in court later, or held in custody until a bail hearing.
  6. If held, you’ll have a bail hearing within 24 hours to decide if you’ll be released until trial.
  7. If released, you may need to comply with conditions, such as reporting to police or following a curfew.

To protect your rights and get a fair outcome, hire a competent defence lawyer.

Court Information for Criminal Offences in Cornwall

The Cornwall Courthouse is for criminal proceedings that occur in Cornwall and the surrounding areas. It’s important to note that all legal matters related to criminal offences must be handled within this jurisdiction. The Cornwall Courthouse is situated at:

29 Second St W,
Cornwall, ON
K6J 1G3

The Cornwall SDG Courthouse is for a wide range of legal proceedings within its jurisdiction. It is located at:

26 Pitt Street, Suite 308
Cornwall, ON
K6J 3P2

If you have a scheduled matter that requires an in-person appearance, such as a summons to appear in court, it may be possible for you to appear remotely. The zoom meeting info for virtual meetings are:

Zoom Coordinates:
OR call in by telephone: 1-438-809-7799
MEETING ID: 940 595 8000

The Cornwall satellite court is a location that offers limited court services in partnership with a main court office. If you require court services at a satellite court, it’s important to contact the office directly to confirm their hours of operation. There are 2 Cornwall satellite courthouses:

Morrisburg satellite courthouse is located at:

6 – 5th Street W. Box 858
Morrisburg, ON
K0C 1X0

Alexandria satellite courthouse is located at:

110 Main St. North, PO Box 699
Alexandria, ON
K0C 1A0

If you require legal representation or assistance for a criminal matter within this jurisdiction, it’s recommended that you seek the advice of a reputable criminal defence lawyer who is experienced in handling cases at the Cornwall Courthouse.

Why do I need a criminal lawyer?

The Canadian criminal justice system is complex and complicated. If you don’t have a law degree, you may feel overwhelmed or confused by the system and its procedures.

Your lawyer can explain the charges and guide you through the legal process, protecting your rights along the way. Your lawyer can attend court dates with you and speak up for you at trial, questioning witnesses and presenting evidence in support of your innocence.

Our criminal legal services

We offer seasoned legal representation for a broad spectrum of criminal cases in Cornwall, including:

  • Impaired driving – Mistakes behind the wheel can result in serious legal penalties, including license suspension or incarceration. Our lawyers specialize in defending those charged with breath test refusals, driving over the limit, and other impaired driving charges.
  • Violent crimes – Criminal offences involving violence, such as assault, carry severe penalties. We are diligent in protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom.
  • Sexual offences – False accusations of sexual crimes can have devastating impacts. Our lawyers are dedicated to proving your innocence.
  • Drug charges – Consequences of drug charges, like possession, production, or trafficking, can be severe. Our lawyers collaborate with prosecutors to reduce or dismiss charges.
  • Driving offences – Some driving violations, such as reckless driving, can impact your personal and professional life.

Whether facing charges for assault, DUI, or drug possession, our team is ready to defend your case.

Cornwall criminal defence lawyers protect your rights

At the Law Office of David Anber, we take pride in providing criminal defence services to individuals charged with a plethora of crimes, including but not limited to: assault, impaired driving, sexual offences, drug possession and others.

In the event of an arrest, it is imperative to maintain composure and cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

Upon being booked, it is advisable to immediately request to confer with legal counsel, and to reach out to our law firm at 1-888-989-3946 or through our online platform. Our team of seasoned defence lawyers are available to offer a complimentary, introductory consultation.