2015 Off To A Good Start

January, 2015 saw a number of trials progress towards conclusions expected later this year.

In particular, there was:

  1. Impaired Driving Care and Control case where the defence of “no care and control” appears to have significant merit;
  2. A sexual assault preliminary hearing, still under-way, where the alleged victim appears to be ‘stretching the truth’ at a minimum;
  3. A domestic assault case where the alleged victim’s story doesn’t add up;
  4. A constitutional challenge to the mandatory driving prohibition laws in “driving while disqualified”;
  5. A case of police brutality where the client was charged with assaulting police and resisting arrest;

Stay tuned for the results of these cases; decisions are expected over the next few months.

David Anber

David Anber

David Anber has been a trailblazing legal practitioner since 2006. His early entry into law practice during his studies marked the beginning of a distinguished career. As a member of both Ontario and Quebec’s bar associations, David excels in defending traffic and criminal cases across both provinces. David contributes to legal discourse through articles for the Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa and the Criminal Lawyer’s Association of Ontario.