$290 in your pocket cannot be “proceeds of crime”

Mr. Anber’s client was charged with drug trafficking, possession of the proceeds of crime, and breaching bail conditions when police raided his vehicle last year.

No drugs were found on the client, but one of his passengers had a stash in his pocket, some of which he stuffed under the seat of the car.

When arrested, Mr. Anber’s client had $290 on him – welfare money he was using to buy supplies for his infant child.

In granting Mr. Anber’s motion to throw out the charges at the conclusion of the Crown’s case, the judge agreed that this was not a particularly large sum of money. The judge also remarked that the police evidence was unclear about whether it was 90 or 190$ or whatever the amount was.

Later in the case, the judge found Mr. Anber’s not guilty of all other offences.

David Anber

David Anber

David Anber has been a trailblazing legal practitioner since 2006. His early entry into law practice during his studies marked the beginning of a distinguished career. As a member of both Ontario and Quebec’s bar associations, David excels in defending traffic and criminal cases across both provinces. David contributes to legal discourse through articles for the Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa and the Criminal Lawyer’s Association of Ontario.