David Anber Defends against Coronavirus Charges During COVID-19 Lockdown

This unprecedented time has brought with it many new bylaws across Canada – many of which are vague and even easy to violate. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a charge, have no fear! David Anber’s Law Office is open and ready to help. Life is crazy enough right now, so we’re here to defend any criminal offence on your behalf.

Did you just steal toilet paper from the store? Have you been spending too much time at home, and now face some unwanted charges? Did you get charged for walking through the park? Fines related to confusing bylaws are being handed out all over the country.

Already, these are crazy times. But if you have also been charged with a criminal offence or received a traffic ticket or social distancing citation, you need the help of David Anber’s Law Office.

David Anber’s team includes lawyers, paralegals and support staff to help you fight every kind of accusation. Whether your case is in Ontario or Quebec, you can start finding out what David Anber can do for you with a free consultation. Visit us our website at www.DavidAnber.com. We are open 24 hours a day. Call us any time. That’s 1-888-989-3946.

David Anber.com – meeting your legal needs during these crazy times.

David Anber

David Anber

David Anber has been a trailblazing legal practitioner since 2006. His early entry into law practice during his studies marked the beginning of a distinguished career. As a member of both Ontario and Quebec’s bar associations, David excels in defending traffic and criminal cases across both provinces. David contributes to legal discourse through articles for the Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa and the Criminal Lawyer’s Association of Ontario.