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Why you must not speak to the Police

This week, a client of David Anber's Law Office had charges withdrawn. What made this case unusual? In this particular case, the prosecution decided to withdraw the charges before the first Court date (and less than one month after I had written to the Crown). Why?...

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What Are My Chances?

I get asked this question a lot: “What are my chances?” Often it comes with a request for some kind of percentage. “Do I have more than a 50/50 chance?” “This is like 90% right?” “Do I have any chance to [insert solution here]?” The question is a good one, but the...

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$290 in your pocket cannot be “proceeds of crime”

Mr. Anber's client was charged with drug trafficking, possession of the proceeds of crime, and breaching bail conditions when police raided his vehicle last year. No drugs were found on the client, but one of his passengers had a stash in his pocket, some of which he...

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2015 Off To A Good Start

January, 2015 saw a number of trials progress towards conclusions expected later this year. In particular, there was: Impaired Driving Care and Control case where the defence of "no care and control" appears to have significant merit; A sexual assault preliminary...

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A Motor Vehicle Accident does not mean guilt

This client of Mr. Anber had no criminal record but, due to a slip of the foot on the gas pedal, he found himself facing charges of dangerous driving causing bodily harm and criminal negligence causing bodily harm. Both of those charges have a maximum penalty of 10...

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