I was in a traffic accident in October 2018 and was somewhat unfairly charged with careless driving.  That would mean a major hit in terms of points, fine and future insurance costs.  My insurance broker advised me to fight the charge, so I called Bulwark and met with one of their agents.  Bulwark went to bat for me and initially managed to get the prosecutor to reduce the charge to ‘failing to move into the next lane’ when the accident occurred.  The case finally went to trial in late July, 2019, and Bulwark represented me…I never had to go to court myself.  They kept me informed at each step of the process.  Believe it or not, they managed to pull off a complete exoneration – all charges dropped, no fine, no hit on my insurance!  Thanks, Bulwark for a great job!!!  Five stars!

all charges dropped

Bulwark has represented me in a few cases and I have been nothing but satisfied with the results! They have an amazing team to work with, and make you feel at home from the moment you walk into their office. Defiantly will be recommending to friends and family.

They have an amazing team

I just want to give you a big thanks. If it wasn’t for you I may not have been able to get insurance next year. These cops are getting more ticket happy by the minute. I’m not sure how you got my seven tickets down to only two tickets but again thanks a million!

Thanks a million!