Jackson Y.’s Case, Ottawa

Driving Offences


Fail to Remain at the Scene of an Accident


No Charges Were Ever Laid

Case Details

This person contacted David Anber after his vehicle had been seen driving and getting into an accident with another vehicle. The vehicle then left the scene and a picture was taken of the vehicle.

The client told Mr. Anber that he had not been driving, but the detective assigned to the case wanted to speak with him.

During a consultation, Mr. Anber advised that the client should say absolutely nothing to the police. The detective pressured the client to speak and Mr. Anber kept advising the client not to speak.

Even though the client appeared to be innocent, Mr. Anber kept warning the client that even asserting his innocence could be twisted and used against him. Eventually the officer gave up and realized that she did not have sufficient evidence to charge the client with anything.