Noah L.’s Case, Brockville

Drug Cases


Possession of a Controlled Substance, MDMA (46 pills) and Marijuana (2 grams); Possession of Firearm


Charges Withdrawn

Case Details

This client was driving in her car with a lot of drugs and a gun that her husband had put there. Her husband was driving in a second car. The two of them were driving from Toronto to Montreal.

While driving through Brockville, Hadeel’s husband was stopped for speeding. She decided to stop too. The police told her to keep driving and that they didn’t need her for the traffic stop. She insisted on remaining and waiting for her husband.

One thing led to another and the car was searched and the accused was looking at some serious jail time.

After negotiating with the Provincial Crown and having the gun charges withdrawn, the Federal Crown agreed to divert her drug charges upon her making a $2,000.00 donation to charity.