Emma M.’s Case, Ottawa

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Professional Misconduct Under the Real Estate Business Brokers Act


Fines reduced significantly.

Case Details

Emma M. was charged with regulatory offences under the Real Estate Business and Broker’s Act. REBBA is a statute which target real estate brokers and real estate agents particularly in regards to their dealing with the public. The use of a trust account is of particular interest to RECO in Ontario. In this case the client hired David Anber because she was accused of many offences. She did not intend to defraud anybody and the offences arose mainly out of error or carelessness. David Anber was able to save the client tens of thousands of dollars of fines and she was able to continue to practice her trade. If you fit within the definition of the Act please consult David Anber; those falling within the scope include: “corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, association or other organization or entity that, on behalf of others and for compensation or reward or the expectation of such, trades in real estate or holds himself, herself or itself out as such”.