Alissa P. & David U.’s Case, Milton

Property Offences


Causing a Disturbance x 2; Mischief


Diverted from the Criminal Justice System

Case Details

One hot summer day on Highway 403 traffic was backed up more than had ever been seen before. Traffic was at a standstill for hours. At one point cars started using the shoulder to pass the stopped traffic, ultimately cutting in front of cars that had been waiting patiently. Eventually Trina P. had enough; she got out of the car and stood in the shoulder so that cars could not pass.

One truck didn’t get the message and drove at her almost hitting her. When Trina’s boyfriend saw this, he jumped out and punched the side of the truck. All parties were charged.

The Crown surprisingly took a tough position against everybody treating it as a road rage incident (despite the fact that the conduct of the clients was much less serious).

David Anber took this case on while he was still in law school. When the Crown refused to budge, a three day trial was set. Further negotiations saw the trial cancelled and the matter diverted from the criminal justice system.